We aim to achieve, and maintain rigorously, the highest safety standards possible. Human error can and does happen though. Only by learning from our mistakes can we improve and prevent future incidents or accident. It is vital to the safety and welfare of our employees and, most importantly, our passengers, that we report mistakes and errors openly when they occur.

The Quality Assurance Maintenance (QAM) is responsible for understanding how and why incidents and errors occur in Emirates Engineering's aircraft maintenance and support functions, and for instigating remedial change. A variety of investigative techniques, including the Boeing Maintenance Error Decision Aid (MEDA), are used to establish the issues behind an event and not to apportion blame (unless there is identifiable, deliberate deviation from established rules or a conscious disregard of approved or certified practices and/or procedures).

Detailed reports of all completed investigations are circulated to section managers for discussion with staff so that practises and procedures can be corrected or reinforced to prevent the reoccurrence of incidents. The reports, and any resulting recommendations, are published both internally and externally on the Emirates Engineering EHF&TI website.

QAM is also responsible for managing Sentinel, a database of completed engineering safety reports, which helps to identify reoccurring errors and failures in practises, procedures and/or components. Significant issues are discussed by Emirates Engineering's safety board and strategies for remedial action are produced.

When an incident involves flight and/or cabin crew, QAM works closely with Emirates Group and the flight safety section to conduct parallel investigations. It also has close working relationships with regulators, manufacturers and vendors, reporting issues and working with them to achieve change through regulatory, design and production process improvements.

QAM designs and implements audit programs to monitor actively all aspects relating to the compliance of regulatory authorities' requirements. It ensures all applicable elements of the quality system are in place, documented and implemented effectively to ensure that the corporate commitment and obligations to regulations, safety policy and quality standards are followed.

Audit programs consist of surveys and operational inspections at predetermined intervals during Emirates' maintenance and engineering activities and functions.

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