Our Engineering Projects section has expert knowledge and experience in the evaluation, specification and negotiation of aircraft acquisitions. It monitors the process from inception, through inspection during aircraft assembly, to delivery and acceptance.

Inflight Entertainment

The IFE projects team consists of product specialists and IFE systems engineering professionals. With in-depth IFE knowledge, they define, develop and install some of the world's most advanced inflight entertainment systems.

A typical product development process involves:

  • Developing detailed IFE system requirements by working closely with OEMs (such as Boeing and Airbus), Emirates Inflight services and product marketing departments, and then establishing a general product vision.

  • Coordinating and monitoring development milestones in the design and testing process in conjunction with IFE suppliers, seat manufacturers, third party suppliers or integrators and OEMs.

  • Closely monitoring the guide and support of the BFE list definition for the IFE product.

  • Providing follow up and support for IFE system installation and integration activities.

  • Verifying that the IFE product development conforms to system requirements.

  • Inspecting and supporting the acceptance process of the IFE.

  • Helping to establish recommended IFE spare parts list for spares procurement prior to entry into service.

  • Organising and supporting IFE service readiness activities and in-house training.

  • Coordinating and supporting retrofit processes by working closely with STC certification houses and airline base maintenance and installation teams.

  • Ensuring that maintenance and troubleshooting manuals and relevant software are developed and delivered from suppliers well before the aircraft's entry into service.

New Technology

This team keeps abreast of industry innovations and developments by constantly reviewing website articles, printed materials and magazines, and by participating in conferences. Based on these reviews, new technology, procedures and tools, and retrofit programmes for air conditioning, are introduced to reduce maintenance costs and to improve efficiency, passenger safety, comfort and inflight services.

Cabin Interiors

A dedicated cabin interiors team is responsible for a broad range of activities, including:

  • Enhancing passenger comfort and introducing new features and amenities.

  • Preparing specifications for new BFE products.

  • Evaluating and selecting BFE suppliers.

  • The technical coordination and programme management of BFE items.

  • Supporting other departments to facilitate the smooth introduction of new aircrafts to the fleet.

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