The Procurement section supports the airline operation by outsourcing and contracting all aircraft commodities, such as fleet, power plants, equipment, spares etc.

Organised along commodity lines - avionics, power plants, cabin and airframe systems - the team uses a rigorous process approach. It works cross-functionally with various teams in the Emirates Group, including engineering, finance, fleet planning, Ek Group Legal, and the insurance department to ensure business requirements are met to the optimum terms and conditions. This section is also responsible for managing supplier relationships to ensure satisfactory delivery and performance of any goods or services that the Emirates Group acquires.

The division includes a warranty and product support management team that carries out a diverse range of activities from warranty and guarantees administration, contracts management and compliance to digital archiving of documents and providing a safe repository for all contractual documentation.

Prior to aircraft delivery, and during the nominal service life of an aircraft, our Procurement and Warranty team conduct extensive negotiations with suppliers to ensure that maximum product support remedies are secured and administered properly to support the highest standard of product integrity and performance.

Contracts Management

Following the completion of any supply agreement or contract by the Procurement section, the Contracts Management section ensures that all useful terms, conditions, incentives and product support clauses are distributed to the relevant engineering stakeholders for their follow-up so that appropriate action can be taken.

Our Contracts Management team ensures that systems and processes are in place within Emirates Engineering for the timely collection of all contractual benefits.

This section also assists Emirates' senior management by ensuring the ready availability of digital copies of contracts, which are stored in a safe, controlled repository for easy reference when required.

Product Support Agreement

The Product Support Agreement section works in coordination with Emirates Engineering's user groups and Procurement Managers. They negotiate terms and conditions for product support to ensure full remedies coverage and to reduce maintenance costs to the minimum level possible.

Digital copies and summaries of all Product Support Agreements (PSAs) are available via electronic access for easy reference. This section works with Emirates Engineering's user groups to enhance the PSA's and update them where applicable. All updates are immediately reflected in the relevant digital repository.


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