This section is responsible for developing policies, processes and procedures to optimise inventory investment and operating costs. This includes forecasting, procurement planning, storing, usage, repairs, stock reviews, replenishment, obsolescence and disposal of materials.

Material Provisioning

A special, dedicated cell within the Material Management department, comprising professionals with extensive knowledge and experience of complex issues within the field. The team is organised along commodity lines; cabin, IFE, BFE, airframe, engines, inventory systems and operations support.

The section's prime responsibility is to establish optimum re-order and safety levels, raise timely purchase requests and co-ordinate availability of items. It is also responsible for the entire inventory, including its data accuracy, and follows the highest standards of quality and safety policies, as defined by aviation agencies such as CAA, ATA, FAA, EASA. One of its core functions is to provide on-site support for the critical/AOG requirements of all aircraft maintenance spares activity.

Component Management

The Component Management section deals with high value, rotable aircraft component assets. This includes initial-provisioning, re-provisioning and optimising the inventory, as well as the repairing and pooling of assets. By adopting supply chain management best practice it maintains the highest quality standards and service levels at the lowest possible cost.

CM is divided into three sub-sections:

  • Component Repair

    Component Repair deals with the repair, modification, overhaul and refurbishment of unserviceable aircraft components. Its main objective is to get components back to a serviceable, airworthy condition in the most cost effective way, while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Components that cannot be repaired by Emirates Engineering in-house are usually repaired by the original manufacturers or other, high quality airline workshops.

  • Material Planning

    This section develops strategic methodologies for providing spares support for each type of equipment and controls aircraft spares and material inventories. After analysing manufacturer recommendations, it carries out timely provision reviews of rotables, repairable, expendable and consumable items for engines, aircraft, BFE and IFE. It also supports aircraft maintenance by ensuring timely replenishment of aircraft and engine spares and materials.

  • Pooling Loans and Borrowing

    This section's main objective is to arrange appropriate storage and distribution of aircraft materials to provide an efficient supply and support to the aircraft maintenance section and other airlines.

Warehousing and Logistics

Emirates Engineering has modern, state-of-the-art stores and logistics facilities. Inward aircraft materials and equipment are inspected thoroughly to ensure the highest quality and airworthiness standards. It is then stored in fully air-conditioned and environmentally controlled stock rooms. High-rise racking and semi-automatic shuttle technologies are used to ensure efficient storage and retrieval.

A spares supply service and AOG support is provided 24 hours a day in Dubai, as well as at Emirates outstations. Being a member of the IATP, spares and equipment are pooled at most stations to support Emirates and other airlines economically. Material storage and handling services are provided to a number of operators at Dubai International Airport and enquiries regarding stock availability can be made via SITA, DXBMMEK.

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