Emirates Engineering Facilities department ensures all facilities, including hangars, workshops, material stores, offices and the training college, are high quality work environments and supports the needs of all engineering activities.

Facilities Management

Current facilities include:

  • Seven aircraft hangars (all of which are capable of housing the Airbus A380).
  • Comprehensive workshops including: engines, wheels, brakes, avionics, safety, cockpit and cabin seats, cabin interiors, structures and non-destructive testing.
  • Aircraft spare parts stores.
  • Engineering Training college, including dedicated workshops and classrooms.
  • Engine test cell (situated approximately 40kms from Dubai International Airport).
  • Aircraft engine run-up facility enclosure - to run all engines with a reduction in engine noise levels to surrounding areas.
  • Engineering line maintenance facility, including office/administration building, aircraft stores, ground support and nitrogen generation workshops.

Facilities management is also responsible for maintaining and assisting with the expansion of Emirates Engineering's facilities, including:

  • All electrical power supplies
  • Air conditioning supplies (including hangars)
  • Fire detection and suppression systems
  • Facility cleaning
  • Support of specialised equipment and services
  • Landscaping
  • Compressed air and gas production

Ground Support Equipment

The Ground Support Equipment section has comprehensive workshop facilities providing maintenance for all ground support equipment and vehicles and fabricating selected support equipment. The section also maintains aircraft recovery equipment and provides team members to the Emirates recovery team. In addition, it operates a reverse osmosis plant to provide pure water for aircraft engine wash and to support gaseous (nitrogen and oxygen) workshops.

Aircraft Maintenance Docking Systems

A dedicated team of engineers maintain and operate all docking systems employed across the fleet including:

  • Seven nose dock assemblies
  • Four full aircraft (fuselage and tail) computerised docking systems
  • Four wing dock systems
  • Over seventy assorted hydraulic platforms

These systems provide full, stable, easy access to all areas of aircraft surfaces. A fourth docking system will be operational early 2009.


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