Engineering Planning provides comprehensive planning services to the highest standards ensuring efficient scheduling, administration, monitoring and control of maintenance activities.

IT Systems is responsible for implementing fully integrated computer systems to provide optimum fleet support to the various Emirates Engineering departments.

The Maintenance Planning section consists of:

  • Maintenance Planning

Maintenance Planning are responsible for ensuring the maintenance compliance of the fleet, managing the relationship between the commercial flying and the maintenance programmes. Their primary objective is to ensure aircraft are safe, compliant and made available to service the flying program and meet the needs of our passengers.

  • Modification Planning

Manages over 8,000 modifications per year to aircraft and components and is central to aircraft phase out and major overhaul programmes.

  • Maintenance Programmes

This team launches all maintenance schedules. Their work ensures our continuing compliance with the regulatory requirements and the ever-changing face of maintenance needs of the various aircraft types in the fleet.

  • Aircraft Scheduling

The front line of maintenance planning, dictating the ground time required to accomplish maintenance work, with the minimum disruption to the flight schedule, and playing a vital role in planning maintenance slots with all stations and third parties.

  • Reliability

Reviews aircraft despatch and component reliability constantly and gathers intelligence on component failure to ensure any potential failures can be predicted in the future.

Technical Records

This section maintains the highest standards of data quality and records. Providing internal corporate support and external vendor/lessor customer support, the team works 24 hours a day, all year round to capture aircraft operational data and carry out data entry and administration support.

The main office and archive is in our state-of-the-art technical centre, which processes large volumes of maintenance records, documentation and digital data on a daily basis to ensure complete compliance with regulatory authorities' requirements. Records are scanned digitally for use throughout engineering operations.

The team's personnel are deployed throughout the Emirates technical centre to ensure timely, efficient data processing is carried out at the point of entry, minimising delay and maximising the availability of data. Throughout an aircraft's lifespan, the team conducts millions of transactions to ensure that the safety, airworthiness and asset value of the aircraft and associated equipment is maintained to the highest regulatory standard.

Production Support

This team provides vital planning and support services so that base operations, base heavy maintenance and workshops can carry out smooth, effective maintenance and repair on the Emirates fleet, ensuring minimum aircraft ground time and component repair turnaround time.

Its functions include:

  • Pre-check

    Reviewing routine package tasks for resource requirements, task sequencing and developing a flow-chart of activities based on available manpower capacity, analysing critical paths versus ground time, preloading routine spares and conducting pre-check input meetings to ensure efforts are coordinated to implement projects.

  • Current check

    Monitoring progress by tracking task accomplishment, preloading required spares immediately, analysing non-routine requirements, exploring rectification possibilities and monitoring and analysing man-hour capturing statistics.

  • Post-check

    Analysing non-routine, in-coming/out-going deferred defects, spares return, captured versus planned man-hours and other financial indicators, plus issuing end of check reports.

  • Workshop planning

    Analysing and following up material requirements for in-house repair orders, creating monthly statistical reports and conducting weekly review meetings with workshops.

Engineering IT Systems

Emirates Engineering operates an organisation-wide, standardised technical environment, which is managed and maintained by the Engineering IT Systems section. It provides information systems and enables function integration, resource optimisation and improvements in technical reliability to all Engineering departments. Using a common architecture, the shared network provides enhanced user systems, including ACARS, to improve fleet dispatch reliability and performance.

Ongoing investment in improving these information systems ensures world-class information support to all Emirates Engineering departments, as well as providing many additional benefits that include:

  • Highly efficient and effective systems to support process implementation, integration and information sharing.
  • Safe, secure and efficient management of business functions via the provision of infrastructure, hardware and software in collaboration with the Emirates Group IT department.
  • Timely support for existing systems and the evaluation and implementation of new systems.


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