The Engineering Technical Services department provides technical support services for one of the most technologically advanced fleets of aircraft in the world, ensuring it operates at the highest level of safety, reliability, cost effectiveness and passenger comfort at all times. The engineers and technical staff in this department engage actively with aircraft manufacturers and vendors to drive the development of new aircraft technologies and systems.

  • UAE GCAA Design Organisation

    Under the authority of the UAE GCAA approval no EM/E/89, the Engineering Technical Services department is also authorised to carry out changes to the approved design and the manufacturer's technical data associated with aircraft or components, as specified in the approval. Design staff are selected carefully to ensure that their experience and qualifications are maximised in executing our technical development policy.

  • EASA PART-21 Design Organisation

    Engineering Technical Services is also an approved EASA Part 21 design organisation (approval no EASA.21J.103). This covers the development of approved data in the form of minor changes to type design, modifications and minor repairs through a design assurance system. The Part 21 design organisation is an integral part of Emirates Engineering. Its personnel are located in our Engineering Technical Services department where they perform a technical support function for the airline, in addition to their design activities.

    The ETS department consists of six specialist groups, all ensuring that the aircraft operates to the highest standards of service and technical despatch reliability:

  • Airframe Systems

    Provides technical support services for the mechanical aspects of airframe systems and components. This includes landing gear, hydraulics, pneumatics, fuel, cargo, loading, fire extinguishing, water, waste systems, electrical and software controls for components relating to airframes.

  • Structures

    Provides technical services in support of metallic and composite aircraft structures - this includes passenger doors, flight control surfaces, landing gear structural items and doors, baggage/cargo provisions and exterior markings. In collaboration with manufacturers, the section also develops and approves structural repairs for aircraft and components, and liaises with manufacturers to undertake repairs of a minor nature that are not covered by repair manuals.

  • Avionics

    Provides technical support services for avionics systems - that includes electrical generation, distribution, lighting, information systems (e.g. Electronic Flight Bag), communication, navigation and instruments, including and auto flight control systems and their software controls. Avionics also has the capability to customise the Airline Modifiable Software.

  • Inflight Entertainment

    Provides technical support services for the industry's most sophisticated, state-of-the-art IFE systems, including audio/video on demand (AVOD) systems, SMS/emails, SATCOM, telephone, air show moving map, games, connectivity and the related software controls.

  • Cabin Interiors

    Provides technical services for passenger compartment and flight deck seats, galleys, toilets, stowage structures, interior markings, emergency equipment, seat controls, galley equipment and systems. This section also designs and implements in-house cabin reconfigurations in accordance with Emirates' demanding brand standards. It also prepares and manages retrofit configuration layouts and carries out in-house modifications to bring aircrafts up to Emirates' operating standards.

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