Emirates Engineering Power Plant working abreast of support and serve more than 300 Emirates Engines to keep our fleet in the best possible condition. Profit of our expertise, experience and know-how continuously assures quality, safety and reliability of our fleet.

Propulsion Planning and Logistics (PP&L)

PP&L is responsible for the power plant management of the current Emirates fleet. The principal objective of the section is to ensure the availability of spares for, and managing the repair of, all types of engines, auxiliary power units, nacelle components and power plant parts to ensure the smooth, efficient and cost-effective operation of the fleet.

In addition, PP&L evaluates and performs feasibility studies in the development and expansion of in-house engine shop capabilities and recommends spare engine requirements in line with the company's fleet expansion plan.

Engine Technical Services

The Engine Technical Services (ETS) section is responsible for reliability management and for providing technical support to the broad range of engines and auxiliary power units fitted to aircraft in Emirates' fleet, including:

  • Rolls Royce

    Trent 500 fitted to the Airbus A340-500
    Trent 700 fitted to the Airbus A330-200
    Trent 800 fitted to the Boeing 777-200/330 aircraft

  • General Electric

    CF6-80C2 fitted to the Airbus A310-300F
    GE90-115B/110 fitted to the Boeing 777-300ER/200LR

  • CFM International

    CFM56-5C4/P fitted to the A340-300

  • Honeywell GTCP

    332-600 auxiliary power units

Responsible for providing technical support services to power plant and APU systems and accessories, including engine and APU condition monitoring. Engine health monitoring, developing programs to optimise engine time on-wing vs. overhaul cost, scoping engine work and planning guide monitoring of Boroscope findings are within the section responsibility.

The Engine Shops

The Engine Shops performs module replacement, QEC/DE-QEC, modification minor repair for all engine types operated by Emirates. QEC/DE-QEC of all APU types installed on Emirates' aircraft and light maintenance of all thrust reversers installed across the fleet.

Power Plant Shop Capability

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