Emirates' overhaul department tests, repairs, modifies and overhauls a range of components in its state-of-the-art workshops. Staffed by highly skilled personnel, the workshops operate under a number of regulatory authority approvals. Overhaul capabilities include avionics, airframe, cabin, ndt, structures, non-destructive testing, battery and oxygen charging.

Cabin Workshops

The Cabin Workshops work on interior soft furnishings, seats and safety equipment installed across the Emirates fleet to ensure the highest standards of interior functionality and presentation is achieved.

The Cabin Workshops comprise:

  • Evacuation and Safety Workshop

    Tests, repairs, overhauls and modifies escape slides, rafts, ramps and over-wing slides, life jackets, baby-cots, fire extinguishers, oxygen masks and cockpit seats of A310, A330, A340, B777ER and B777ULR fleets.

  • Operations Support Group

    Performs cabin tasks during 'A' checks of A330, A340, B777ER and B777ULR fleets.

  • Heavy Maintenance Support Group

    Performs cabin tasks during 'C' checks of the A330, A340 and B777 fleets.

  • Cabin General Workshop

    Deals with passenger seats, galleys, lavatories, carpets and general furnishing items on the A330, A340, B777ER and B777ULR fleets.

Avionics Workshops

The Avionics Workshops perform test, repair, overhaul and modification of A310, A330, A340, B777ER and B777ULR components. A wide range of components are tested quickly and accurately using state-of-the-art ATEC series 6 and ATEC 5000 automated test stations.

The workshop capability:

  • Flight control and navigation systems computers
  • Engine electronic control units
  • Flight data recorder readout and analysis system
  • Software development, EFB and other data loading systems
  • ACE workstations for AIRSHOW 420 and 4200D software development
  • Media-loading stations for Panasonic 3000i and eX2 IFE systems
  • Galley equipment - ovens, wine chillers, fridges, cappuccino and coffee makers, trash compactors and lights etc
  • Passenger entertainment components, noise cancellation and miscellaneous PAX headsets
  • Radio communication and navigation system components
  • Alkaline batteries and passenger oxygen bottle chargers

Airframe Workshops

This workshop works on structures, wheels and brakes, NDT and calibration.

  • Structures Shop

    The shop is divided into four sub-shops - Sheet Metal Shop, Composite Shop, Welding Shop and Machine Shop - all of which inspect, repair, modify and overhaul aircraft structures and components. They support base and line maintenance for casualty and damage rectification, and also support other workshops if structural defects are identified during component inspections. Their capabilities include repairing composite and metallic structures, and repairing and manufacturing rigid pipes, Airbus control cables, floor panels, ceiling panels and sidewall panels.
  • Wheel and Brake Shop

    This shop is equipped with the latest automatic Eddy Current inspection and auto-torque equipment for working on aircraft wheels and brakes. Its overhaul capabilities include: A300-600, A310, A330, A340, B727, B737, B747, B777, G III, G IV and the A380.

  • Calibration Shop

    This shop performs calibration, as well as laboratory testing, of fuels and engine oils. Its capabilities include pressure, torque and mass, while calibration capabilities include pressure, torque and mass. Fuel microbiological contamination and engine oil flash-points are also undertaken. Pressure calibration includes the calibration of air pressure, hydraulic pressure and oxygen pressure gauges. Torque calibration capability is up to a torque value of 1,000 feet and mass calibration capability is up to 60,000 pounds.

  • NDT Shop

    This shop carries out NDT inspections using the magnetic particle, fluorescent penetrant, Eddy Current and ultrasonic methods of inspection, as well as calibration labs. It supports Base and Line Maintenance and other workshops by performing scheduled and unscheduled inspections on aircraft structures and components to ensure their integrity and airworthiness. It is also responsible for weighing aircraft periodically and maintaining aircraft weight records. The shop is equipped with the latest technology to ensure accurate and consistent results, all its inspections are performed to approved and documented procedures and all NDT personnel are approved to internationally recognised standards.

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