The Base Maintenance department carries out all routine, scheduled maintenance tasks and any unscheduled major repairs, replacements and modifications to the Emirates fleet. This usually involves planned maintenance procedures taken from the applicable, approved maintenance schedule, including replacing equipment, repairing components, making modifications and carrying out inspections required for GCAA approvals.

Base Heavy Maintenance

The Base Heavy Maintenance section supports all levels of scheduled 'C' checks, major system and structural modifications, cabin/ IFE retrofits, aircraft deliveries and inspection programmes on Airbus A310, A330, A340 and Boeing B777 aircraft. It provides essential support and maintains consistent reliability by deploying highly qualified personnel with expertise in meeting critical downtime deadlines and cost efficiencies.

Aircraft Appearance

The Aircraft Appearance section is responsible for the exterior paint condition, by repainting, polishing and dry cleaning of all aircraft operating in the Emirates fleet. It also conducts comprehensive regular audits on the fleet to ensure a pristine exterior condition is maintained. Operating in full compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations, its primary aim is to maximise the available ground time to ensure the highest quality exterior and interior refurbishment of aircraft following the procedures and standards set by airlines, component and aircraft manufacturers. The section also undertakes interior cleaning to ensure superior standards of aircraft presentation and constantly resources new products to enhance the quality of cleaning and, importantly, to create safe, healthy cabin environments.

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