The front end of Emirates Engineering, the Line Maintenance section encompasses the activities of Line Maintenance, Cabin Maintenance, inflight Entertainment Maintenance, Base Operational Maintenance, MCC and Emirates Outstations.

This section continuously liaises and interfaces with critical operational areas like Flight Operations and Network Control to provide efficient services to a demanding commercial schedule.

Line Maintenance Dubai

Based in Dubai and with a network of outstation teams, Emirates Engineering Line Maintenance division provides a 24-hour service with the highest levels of technical support to Emirates Airline and other airlines through Dubai International Airport.

Our multinational team of engineers and technicians are licensed by several regulatory authorities in all categories, including the GCAA, CAA, EASA and FAA. In addition to the Airbus A310, A330, A340 and A380 and Boeing B747 and B777 series, we also provide support to numerous customer aircraft.

Line Maintenance Capability List

Maintenance Control Centre

Our Maintenance Control Centre in the Engineering Centre at Dubai International Airport operates on a 24-hour basis, with four separate shifts manned with both aircraft and avionics engineers. The MCC acts as the focal point for all senior management regarding outstation AOGs and the Emirates fleet's defect status. It handles all aspects of delays or AOG situations at outstations by providing technical support and co-ordinating rescue operations.

The MCC also controls follow-up work and rectification of deferred defects at every opportunity, including the planning of spares for defect repairs at outstations where suitable ground time is available. By monitoring repetitive defects, the MCC ensures that trouble shooting and rectification is done before any scheduled interruption. Plus, it provides a structured and logical action plan for all such defects to prevent duplication of effort and unnecessary wastage of spare parts and time.

Cabin Maintenance

Our services stretch beyond engineering too, with over 180 cleaning staff working alongside 100 engineers, our cabin maintenance division operates on the ramp at Dubai International Airport and is responsible for maintaining and preparing all cabins in the Emirates fleet with the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene in the industry today.

With the introduction of the A380 to the Emirates fleet, our cabin maintenance teams are fully involved in establishing new service programmes. These include the upkeep of the new first class suites and business class mini-pod seats, and the development of new cleaning and refurbishment techniques to ensure an extremely appealing environment and the highest level of passenger comfort.

Inflight Entertainment

Our IFE line department carries out day-to-day maintenance of the IFE systems installed on aircrafts, operating on a continuous shift basis, 365 days a year at Dubai International Airport.

The Emirates IFE systems include 2000e, 3000i and the new Ex2. The IFE division ensures that the standards and services of IFE systems operate at the highest possible levels, reflecting Emirates' promise to provide a memorable and unparalleled experience for passengers.

Through carefully planned and pre-emptive interventions, IFE engineers and technicians monitor and analyse trends, defects and reports, to ensure that all scheduled and un-scheduled log book entries, deferred defects and repeat defects are addressed efficiently and effectively.

Regional Outstations - East/West

The Emirates Group is constantly launching new services in new countries each year and it is the responsibility of Emirates Engineering's outstation team to provide maintenance services across this increasingly diverse network.

Our core competencies in engineering excellence ensure that the Emirates wheel and hub route network is supported fully from wherever the airline chooses to operate. Our team of engineers and mechanics at 30 outstations around the world provide support to the full range of aircraft and engines operated from our facilities in Dubai. In 12 of these stations we extend support to other customer airlines.

Our station maintenance managers and country managers ensure that the performance of our outstations meets the highest levels of safety, reliability and expectation. At other stations we employ the services of strategic partners, which are chosen on the basis of their own, internationally recognised levels of excellence, their superior levels of technical services and their ability to meet our exacting standards and service delivery requirements.

We also have two regional maintenance managers, who manage the entire Emirates Engineering outstation network, as well as establishing new stations and developing relationships that support our expanding route network. Liaising closely with customers and partners, they ensure that we have a fully integrated operation, enabling commercial operations not only to function flawlessly, but to expand and flourish.

Engineering Support Network

Base Operational Maintenance

This team handles weekly, service and 'A' checks for both our Boeing and Airbus fleets. The team also undertakes all unscheduled maintenance activities and pre-service checks for new fleet additions. Casualty support is also provided for any Emirates aircraft at home in Dubai or elsewhere in the Emirates network.

Aircraft Recovery

Emirates' aircraft recovery team is trained and experienced in dealing with disabled aircraft. It provides full support to Dubai International Airport and several neighbouring airports in the United Arab Emirates. The team's specialised recovery equipment is maintained to be in a constant state of readiness and can be deployed rapidly by road or air to deal with incidents across the Gulf region. Additional equipment enables the team to attend to disabled ICAO Code F aircrafts and also the A380.

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