Line Maintenance

Provides the highest levels of 24 hour, 7 days technical support for aircraft and engines via our state-of-the-art facility in Dubai and network of outstations.

Base Maintenance

Carries out all routine, scheduled maintenance tasks and any unscheduled major repairs, replacements and modifications to the Emirates fleet.


Overhaul Workshops

Tests, repairs, modifies and overhauls a range of components in state-of-the-art workshops staffed by highly skilled personnel.

Power Plant

Responsible for power plant management across the Emirates fleet, managing repairs and ensuring the availability of spares.


Engine Test Cell

A state-of-the-art engine test facility -
one of only twelve such facilities in the world
and the largest test facility of its kind in the
Middle East.

Engineering Technical Services

Provides technical support services to ensure
the Emirates fleet operates at the highest level of safety, reliability, cost effectiveness and
passenger comfort.

Engineering Planning & IT Systems

Manages the fleet's maintenance compliance and the relationship between the commercial flying and maintenance programmes. And also provides information systems solutions to all Engineering departments.

Engineering Facilities

Maintains a variety of facilities, including hangars, workshops, material stores, offices and a training college to ensure all are high quality work environments.